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arrow right iconGet AstroPay “Instant Black VIP” status for FREE

arrow right iconEarn CASHBACK on your transfers

arrow right iconFREE Verification (no deposit required!)

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partnership since 2022

Established partnership between AstroPay and VolumeKings

September 2022 Launch

Cashback Already On It's Way To Customers


#1 Partner

First AstroPay Partner In Europe


40+ countries

Serving AstroPay customers in 40+ countries


Regulated by the FCA

Based and regulated in the UK


astropay + volumekings benefits

Reduced fees & increased rewards with VolumeKings

Our longstanding partnership enables you to get the best and most beneficial arrangements for your AstroPay account.

Verification deposit
Verification time
VIP Level after registration
Cashback on transfers
Extra rewards
Regular AstroPay account
1-5 days
Astropay-logo-20.svg + skrill logo
Less than 24 hours
Black Level vip
Up to 2.20% total
VK Dashboard
illustration of rewards dashboard

exclusive dashboard

Rewards dashboard only available for VolumeKings customers

Uniquely available for Volumekings customers, you will get access to your own personal rewards dashboard where you can access and receive your bonus rewards.

  • Manage your AstroPay bonus payments and VIP upgrades.
  • Withdraw your rewards to your preferred payment method.
  • Access similar rewards for other e-wallets.
  • Submit VIP upgrade requests for higher levels of VIP status.

Make it. Move it. Send it. Spend it.

What can you do with AstroPay?


Transfer money around the world


Spend online at your favourite sites


Make deposits for gambling & trading


Bonus & rewards on your transactions


Multi-currency e-wallet account

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