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D. Richardson

Sep 05 2022

AstroPay VIP Programme

If you’re new to AstroPay and want to be rewarded for using the platform, I have good news! AstroPay has used a loyalty programme for quite some time (which we’re about to detail), and they just launched a VIP programme, too! While that’s all well and good, it means nothing if you don’t know how to actually get involved - which is why we’re here today.

First off, we need to establish what the two programmes are and their differences, and after that we’ve got a few basics to break down. Let’s take a peek at the agenda for the day, and we can get started.

Today’s Topics Include: 

Okay - let’s make you a VIP.

AstroPay VIP 101

AstroPay has two types of reward programmes - its traditional loyalty system and its newly-launched VIP system. Each offers power users quite a bit, so it’s important to know what these things actually mean. After all, you don’t want to skip out on free money, priority support, and more, do you?

What is the AstroPay VIP/Loyalty Programme?

AstroPay now has two types of reward programmes: their VIP and loyalty systems. The former is brand-new (launched in late August of 2022) and requires that an AstroPay Account Manager reaches out to you for approval. While details are still somewhat slim as it’s pretty new, the general requirements for AstroPay VIP are that you regularly use the platform and conduct a certain number and/or monetary amount of transactions on the platform to qualify.

In contrast, the AstroPay Loyalty programme is a mainstay of the platform, offering users who (you guessed it) remained loyal to AstroPay, several handy little perks. The loyalty programme consists of five tiers (which we’ll discuss below) and requires users to complete specific tasks (which we’ll also detail below). 

AstroPay loyalty users will gain access to personal gifts, priority and exclusive support, and gift vouchers, among many other items.

AstroPay Loyalty Tiers

AstroPay’s VIP Tiers are pretty straightforward, consisting of five levels: 

  • Standard
  • Silver
  • Platinum

The first two are gained for simply registering for and verifying an AstroPay account (with a couple of extra small requirements), and as you progress, the requirements get more strict. Let’s break down those Astroapy loyalty requirements next.

AstroPay Loyalty Requirements

The requirements for the AstroPay loyalty programme are quite straightforward and can be found in the “Loyalty” tab of your AstroPay dashboard. On the off chance that you don’t want to read yet another page, we collected them right here for you (you’re welcome):

It’s worth noting that the purchase average means a few things. First off, you don’t need to spend the asked average every day - you need a general average.  This could mean that you either make only 2-3 large transactions or a bunch of small purchases in that span. 

AstroPay Loyalty Benefits

Additionally, all users gain AstroCoins for making transactions - you know, those gold coins in the top right-hand corner of your dashboard? To see what you can redeem your AstroCoins for, head to “My Account” > “Rewards.” Upon redeeming your coins, you will receive the equivalent reward in your account within 48 hours. 

These rewards will vary based on your account’s loyalty tier and several other factors (now including your VIP tier), though there are a few that are mainstays:

  • 1,200 AstroCoins: £4 (or your local equivalent)
  • 2,000 AstroCoins: £8 (or your local equivalent)
  • 3,500 AstroCoins: £17 (or your local equivalent)
  • 5,000 AstroCoins: £26 (or your local equivalent)

It’s also worth noting that the $50/200/500 gift can vary in form. Some users will get gift vouchers to redeem on AstroPay, others will get personalised gifts, and top-tier users will get priority support (and the other bits, too).

AstroPay & VolumeKings

AstroPay's first European partner, VolumeKings has an excellent deal on the record with AstroPay for users who connect their two accounts. All that's required is an email and password (along with name, home country, and language), with no fee or subscription to get going. But what do you get? Perfect timing! 

VolumeKings users who connect their account to AstroPay get all of the previously mentioned benefits that AstroPay offer, plus the following benefits immediately: 

  1. Free Instant Black VIP status
  2. Cashback on AstroPay transactions via VolumeKings
  3. Free P2P transactions
  4. Free verification
  5. Fast-tracked verification
  6. Refer-a-friend rewards
  7. Exclusive VK Rewards Dashboard

So what're you waiting for? Click here, and you'll be finished before you know it.


Ultimately, the truth of the matter is that AstroPay has created an excellent loyalty system, and its VIP programme is shaping up to be equally as well-designed. Users are rewarded for using their money as usual without any issues or hiccups, and they're offered a wide variety of bonuses for their loyalty. 

If you plan to use AstroPay even semi-regularly, don't skip out on its loyalty programme. You're able to earn quite a few handy little benefits that are simply too good to pass up.

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