MuchBetter Rewards, how to enter, and what you can expect

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D. Richardson

Sep 09 2022

MuchBetter is one of the most popular e-money services in Europe, and for good reason! They offer users an incredible array of services for a shockingly competitive fee structure. Users can instantly complete transactions to buy, sell, and trade crypto and forex, game and gamble online, and send or receive money from friends effortlessly. While this is all well and good, there is one thing we haven’t touched on yet - MuchBetter’s reward system. 

Today’s Topics Include: 

So - what about those rewards, huh?

MuchBetter Rewards 101

We all love free stuff and rewards - it’s a part of being human. That means you’re in the right place, as MuchBetter are good at giving away free stuff. Let’s take a look at how MuchBetter rewards its users.

MuchBetter Rewards Basics

The MuchBetter Rewards system works quite differently than other, similar services. Groups like Skrill, Neteller, and EcoPayz each have a tier-based VIP system that offers lower rates, higher limits, and more to regular users. MuchBetter doesn’t; instead, they opt for a lottery-like reward system that’s equally available to all users. 

This means quite a few things, but the most important is that MuchBetter doesn’t lock rewards behind account use like their competitors - rather, they attach entries to the drawing to specific actions. We’ll detail those in the “How to Enter” section below - so if you can’t wait, skip on down. 

If you can wait just a moment, though, we’ll break down what types of rewards are on offer…


There are three primary forms that the MuchBetter Rewards giveaways work:

  1. Cash prizes
  2. “Once-in-a-lifetime” trips and vacations
  3. Sporting experiences

The first is rather self-explanatory; the MuchBetter MegaDraw is a lottery-like programme that offers the winner a pretty hefty sum ranging between $10,000-$60,000+ with a quarterly drawing each year. This programme is split into two drawings; the MuchBetter MegaDraw and the VIP MuchBetter MegaDraw. 

The VIP MegaDraw is VIP-only, and unfortunately, MuchBetter restricts its VIPs to those invited to the programme by MuchBetter account managers. In other words, if you’re a VIP, you’ll be very aware of that fact.

As for the other two giveaways, they’re equally easily explained. The trips and “once-in-a-lifetime” experiences are all-expenses-paid trips to places like Las Vegas or Shanghai! And speaking of Shangai, that brings us to the final reward possibility - sporting experiences.

Some lucky users in 2019 and 2021 were awarded cash prizes, meet-and-greets with first-team athletes for the West Ham Premier League, and visits to poker tournaments! Now - let’s take a look at some of the lucky winners of the MuchBetter Rewards Programme.

Previous Winners

Here are some examples of previous rewards since 2019:

  • Inaugural 2019 MuchBetter MegaDraw: Lesley, a Canadian user, won an all-expenses paid (flight, hotels, etc.) trip to Las Vegas, plus $20,000 money to spend during the trip.
  • 2020 annual MuchBetter MegaDraw: Jakub, a MuchBetter user located in Poland won $60,000.
  • May 2022: One fan won the opportunity to catch West Ham United in Shanghai. He won flights, accommodation, and two match tickets, all paid for by MuchBetter.

This is only a small selection of the people whose lives have been changed by MuchBetter’s Rewards system. You can find all of these winners and more highlighted on the MuchBetter Rewards homepage.

How to Enter & Criteria

And finally - how do you enter for the MuchBetter Rewards drawings, and what are the criteria?

Luckily, that’s a super easy answer. Every time you use MuchBetter to send or receive money, you get MegaDraw points for free. For each point you have, you’re able to “purchase” one MegaDraw entry - that’s it. Just use MuchBetter as usual and enter the drawings that catch your eye. 

As for criteria, the points awarded vary based on what you do. For example, verification of your account is worth 50 points, whereas making a deposit to MuchBetter, a P2P transaction, or a charity donation through the app are each worth one point. You can find more information in the MuchBetter app under the Rewards tab.


Ultimately, MuchBetter is an excellent option for those who want to effortlessly send and receive money. And if you use the platform consistently, chances are that you’re missing out on some incredible rewards through the MuchBetter MegaDraw and other programmes and promotions that they run. 

Whether you want straight cash, a once-in-a-lifetime trip, or to meet your athletic idols, there are countless ways that MuchBetter makes your dreams a possibility. 

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